• Tracie Johnson

A Night of Hope

Parental support for VisionWay Christian School (VCS) always amazes me. Parents frequent the school to help in our classrooms, serve lunch to the children, and interact with the kids during lunch and recess. I believe parents feel connected to VisionWay and to the many families represented here. It shows in the many ways people desire to be involved. But nothing creates amazement more than the magic that occurs during the VCS annual dinner auction, A Night of Hope.

VCS Activity Center

Much effort is needed to make the annual auction a tremendous success. It is inspiring to see all who love VisionWay come together to ensure VCS students' needs are met. The hours donated by the VCS PIE members, school board members and parents who oversee class projects or conjure up amazing desserts is to be commended. Year after year, tickets to the Night of Hope sell out as the friends of VisionWay Christian School turn out to show how much they value education and desire to give the students of VisionWay the best educational experience possible.

Each year as I attend this fun event, I leave in wonder. The amount of money that is given in this one evening is simply astonishing. While funding for education at state and local levels is often debated and sadly neglected, it is clear that those associated with VisionWay Christian School continue to make education a top priority. VisionWay will continue to be a leader in quality education in our area, not only because we are blessed with teachers and staff that cherish the children, but because the VisionWay family is comprised of parents, grandparents and friends who will continue to support the school in amazing and miraculous ways.

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