• Tracie Johnson

God Always Provides

“Do not worry…your Father knows what you have need of.”

The above statement sums up the last half of Matthew chapter 6. During the summer months, and even in the weeks approaching the start of our school year, the VCS administration and school board clung tightly to this promise.

Over the summer months, Mrs. Tolliver and the personnel committee diligently searched for and interviewed candidates to fill the open positions that existed at VCS at the beginning of the summer. However, instead of feeling as if they were making good progress, the administrative team often felt as if they were tackling an almost-impossible task.

A junior high teacher was hired to teach Language at the Taylorville Junior High and we rejoiced alongside her. Another junior high teacher was hired to work for the State of Illinois, securing much needed insurance and benefits for his family. Again, we praised God for providing for our teacher. Finally, just weeks before the staff would report back to work, we learned that Mrs. Jones had been hired by Taylorville Christian Church to serve as their full-time Children’s Minister. Knowing Mrs. Jones’ love for children and her heart for ministry, we again rejoiced. But all of these changes left VisionWay Christian School with immediate and very pressing needs.

To say that God provided is an understatement. God provided for VisionWay Christian School in miraculous ways. Each and every day the students at VCS are taught that God has a plan for them. God has a plan for all who follow Him and He has a plan for His school. As adults we know this is true, but when faced with difficult situations we often let our worry cloud our vision and affect our faith. God used the summer months to remind the VCS administration and staff of His faithfulness.

As teachers and staff reported for their first day of in-service on Tuesday, August 15, each of the open positions at VisionWay Christian School (there were nine in all) were filled. As we gathered together as a staff, we thanked God for His work in the situation. As the teachers and new staff settled in, our gratitude increased daily as we grew to know the new staff members. God has truly provided in miraculous ways. We have been blessed beyond measure through those He led to us. We are thankful for their willingness to follow His leading as they have taken a leap of faith- some leaving former jobs and one even relocating to a city far from home.

VCS Staff for 2017-2018 school year

God truly does provide for His people and His timing is always perfect. Sometimes He chooses to make us wait a bit so our faith can be increased.

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