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Student Led Missions Week

VisionWay Christian School (VCS) exists to develop students morally, intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually so they will become responsible members of their families, churches and communities. In order to fulfill this mission, VCS teachers daily teach beyond the traditional subjects of math, science and reading to include Bible. Many lessons present the stories and characters from the Bible while others teach students the importance of showing God’s love to those around them.

Mrs. Glenna Tolliver, VCS Administrator, was pleasantly surprised when a letter sent from a second grade student demonstrated how the daily Bible lessons are producing caring and action-oriented students at VisionWay. Mallory Zimmerman’s letter contained a request for Mrs. Tolliver to organize a clothing drive at VisionWay Christian School.

Soon after learning a memory verse from Philippians 2:4 which states “None of you should look out just for your own good. Each of you should also look out for the good of others,” Mallory wrote her letter to Mrs. Tolliver. In her letter, Mallory remembered how her grandfather’s clothing was donated to a community in Kentucky which has a high number of families and children in need. Mallory then requested the student of VisionWay work to collect and send hats, gloves, and scarves to the children of this community.

Mallory’s letter came just a week before VisionWay Christian School’s annual Mission Week. During this special week, students work to help others who are less fortunate in some way. Upon receiving Mallory’s letter, Mrs. Tolliver immediately approached the Mission’s Week committee, comprised mainly of VCS student council representatives from the VCS junior high. Although Inner City Mission in Springfield, Illinois had already been chosen as a partner for the 2017 Mission Focus, the committee quickly worked to incorporate Mallory’s idea.

“This year’s Mission Week was ground breaking in several ways,” explained Mrs. Tracie Johnson, Assistant Administrator at VCS. “For the first time the VCS Mission Week was planned by students rather than teachers and staff members. In addition, a second mission focus was added last minute at the suggestion of a young elementary student.”

The efforts of the VCS family resulted in a large container supplied by Waste Management being filled with outer wear for students at the Henderson Settlement in Frakes, Kentucky. The student body also raised almost $500.00 to gift to Inner City Mission. Inner City will use the money to feed the homeless population they serve throughout the Holiday season.

Mrs. Tolliver acknowledged the success of Mission Week this way. “Not only did the VCS students work to demonstrate God’s love in several ways, they learned that change isn’t always initiated by adults. Their efforts showed that even young people can recognize a need in their world and take action for positive change. I am extremely proud of the students at VisionWay Christian School.”

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