• Tracie Johnson

Prayers Come Full Circle

VisionWay Christian School (VCS) began in the hearts of several members of Taylorville Christian Church (TCC), two of those members being Jim and Karen Nuelle. A desire to provide an excellent education, while simultaneously focusing on spiritual development and growing future Christian leaders, started small with a preschool program and has grown into a thriving Christian school. Not only were the prayers of the Nuelles instrumental in establishing VisionWay, Mr. Nuelle served as the first administrator for the new found school and Mrs. Nuelle was the first kindergarten teacher.

Over the years, the roles the Nuelles filled have been numerous and varied. Jim could often be found helping with maintenance in the school as he served on the TCC House and Grounds Committee. He also spent many years interacting with students as he served them lunch one day a week. Likewise, Karen gave of herself to the school in many ways. Filling the role after her husband's tenure, Karen served as the VCS Administrator until she retired. Mrs. Nuelle then volunteered at the school by visiting classrooms, helping teachers and leading a prayer team to provide prayer support for the administration and staff each year.

The support VCS staff and students received from the Nuelles has not lessened as the years passed. Just this week, Jim and Karen joined Mrs. Courtney O’Malley, a first year teacher at VCS, in her fifth grade classroom. Mrs. O’Malley wrote a special unit on prayer to teach during her Bible class and she called on the Nuelles to share their understanding and experience with her class. As in past years, Jim and Karen were happy to come and pour into the lives of the VCS students.

"It is wonderful to be able to partner with people like Jim and Karen Nuelle to give my students a great education." Mrs. O'Malley explained. "The Nuelles played such a big role in my life growing up, and I love that they're now a part of my students' lives."

Prayers and supplications which began many years ago in the Nuelle's home continue to bring blessings to the lives of the many students at VCS. Having the Nuelles interact with the students and share with them about the power of prayer allowed those many prayers to come full circle.

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